Water Rocket Computer Model

Water Rocket Computer Model
Rocket...    ?   
Mass of Rocket Empty g
Capacity of Pressure Vessel cm3
Rocket Diameter cm
Rocket Coefficient of Drag   ?  
Nozzle Diameter mm
Constant K for Nozzle   ?  
Duration of Air Impulse ms
Initial Conditions...    ?   
Mass of Water g
Pressure in Vessel BarG
Altitude m
Angle of Elevation °
Speed at Angle of Elevation m/s
Gas/Water/Air Temperature C
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Launch Tube In Use...    ?   
Length cm
T-Nozzle In Use...    ?   
Nozzle Diameter mm
Parachute In Use...    ?   
Diameter Opened Out Flat m
Distance to Open m
Parachute Coefficient of Drag  ?   
Deployment: Apogee    ?   
  Timer s
  Speed Flap ms-1
  Altitude m
Environment...    ?   
Gamma of Gas in Rocket  
Density of Gas in Rocket kgm-3
Density of Liquid in Rocket kgm-3
Acceleration due to Gravity m-2
Atmospheric Pressure mBar
Density of Atmosphere at STP kgm-3
Model...    ?   
Model Time Limit s
2D Graphs...    ?   
  AltitudevDownrange   1:1
3D Optimisation Graphs...    ?   
Optimise for maximum Comparing
Altitude Rocket Mass v Water
Altitude Nozzle Diameter v Water
Flight Time Rocket Mass v Water
Flight Time Nozzle Diameter v Water
Downrange Distance Rocket Mass v Water
Downrange Distance Nozzle Diameter v Water
Downrange Distance Launch Angle v Water