Water Rocket Computer Model Help      
General Help

The water rocket computer model takes the values that you
give it and calculates how well a rocket performs. It works by
using the starting point that you give it and then calculating,
one time step at a time, what happens next, until it either
lands or runs out of time.

The values on the page to start with should be fairly close to
your rocket and the things that you can measure, such as the
diameter of the rocket, are fairly easy to do.

The input page is divided up into a number of sections with
the things that you are most likely to want to change more
frequently in the first sections.

When you run the model, it will give you your values back
already in the form on the page, along with your results if you
have been successful.

The Rocket section and the one following have the basic
parameters that you will need to alter in order to tailor the
model's output to your needs.

At the end of the second section, there is a launch button that
you can use for convenience.

Below that, there are further parameters that you can change
should you need to use a parachute or a launch tube and
further down still are some values that you might only need to
play around with if you are thinking about launching on Mars,
using mercury instead of water and carbon dioxide instead
of air.

At the bottom, you can choose what graphs you want as well
as the default and there is another launch button as well as a
form reset button.

You got here by clicking on the question mark on the right. If
you are able to move the mouse so that it goes onto the
question mark without clicking it, such as if you were working
on a desktop computer, a hint should appear with this
information in it.

This help opened in a new browser tab which will be used
each time you click on a help mark so there is no need to
close this tab. To get from here back to the model input page
in the state that you left it, click on its tab.